Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hot Fall Fishing and How to Capitalize

This fall in Washington is shaping up to be a stellar year to chase whatever your heart desires. From the dry fly destroying bows and cutthroat on the Yakima to the heart attack inducing, light fire to your reel runs of the steelhead on the (insert name of dryside steelhead river here) to the stalking jumbo chrome while peering through the fog wondering if that shape is a Sasquatch (hide the Rainier!) or one of those sparkly vampire type things that now apparently have infested Forks to well you get the idea.  This state has some of the most diverse fishing you will find anywhere.

And to complement that diversified portfolio of fishing opportunity, we here at Creekside Angling have a full stable of guides that can complement any type of experience you are looking to have. Wait?! Creekside has guides you say? Why yes, yes we do.

And unlike many places that give you the "OMG the river is ON FIRE RIGHT NOW! COME DO A TRIP!" spiel even though the rain is coming down in buckets and you have to dodge farm houses, trees and the occasional ark while on the river casting into water the consistency and color of melted chocolate. We will tell you whether a trip is worth your time and hard earned money.

So stop by or drop us a line (that means phone call not actually dropping line on us at the shop) and we can get you pointed in the right direction on your dream trip or just plain trip to experience the fly fishing diversity of Washington.  Oh, I mean you can email us too or go to the website here to peruse our guides and trips.

Btw. The Yakima is actually on fire right now, as of yesterday. Eggs, flesh and sculpins up high above Cle Elum and Crane Fly dries down in the Farmlands and Lower Canyon. And I have heard that the Methow, Klickitat and Ronde are all fishing well. So get out and angle.

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