Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fish Skull Shanks and Senyo's Intruder Wire

Fish Skull Shanks and Senyo’s Intruder Wire

            Every once in a while a product comes along in the fly tying world that just knocks your socks off.  That product has arrived, and actually it is two products: Fish skull shanks and Senyo’s Intruder Wire.  BOOM.
            Hareline and Greg Senyo have been busy in the past few years coming out with some really trick stuff.  Among my favorites is Senyo’s Lazer Dub, check it out.  This stuff is wacky.  But we’re here to talk about the new and the bold, and new and bold is Intruder Wire. 
            First of all, wire for your stinger flies is a no-brainer.  Show me a steelhead fisherman who likes to pause every few casts to check and make sure that the hook hasn’t swung around and tangled around his tippet.  I dare you.  No?  Didn’t think so.  That’s because tangles suck.  Actually they blow, really really bad.  Use wire for your trailer hooks and you will have less tangles.  That is a scientific fact.  Check it.  Also, using wire for your trailing hook prevents the hook from hanging down awkwardly below the fly during the swing, a condition that arguably leads to missed hook ups.  I can’t prove that having the hook hanging down below the fly hurts your hook up ratio, but it just looks stupid.  I don’t want to be fishing with a limp trailer, do you? 
            There are lots of wires you can use, but none of them come in eight colors.  Match them to your fly, that’s the point.  It also comes in two sizes.  Use the standard size for hooks over size 6, the thin size for smaller hooks.  Beautiful.
            Even better are the new articulated shanks.  Let’s face it, wire is just wire, but shanks,  shanks are something new.  Still tying on Waddingtons?  Dude.  No.  Get some shanks.
            There are several reasons why Fish Skull shanks are better than Waddingtons.  First off, they are lighter.  Waddingtons are unnecessarily thick and heavy.  They make a big heavy fly that casts like a brick.  Fish Skull Shanks are made of spinner wire, so no problem there.  Second, who the heck wants to tie all their flies sideways?  I hate it.  Always have.  Put a Fish Skull Shank in your vise.  Notice anything?  Tie your fly like it is meant to be tied.  Normally.  Thank you, Flymen.  You guys rock!  Third, there are tons of options on how you can use the shanks to articulate your flies.  Tie them stinger style with a wire trailer, or attach a straight eye hook directly to the shank using the wire loop and make a big hinging bug.  I have tied some big, brokeback intruders like this and it is awesome!  Bottom line: Waddingtons are so last year.  Get some shanks already.