Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The "Albums that Make Driving to Fish Enjoyable" Post

Between driving all over the state to steelhead and commuting back and forth over the pass 4 days a week, I have been blowing through my iPod's substantial music storage.  It got me thinking (since we have nothing new to report that you haven't already heard) some of the best albums to crank while driving to your favorite locales.  These are generally best used to drown out your buddies incessant mumbling about having to wake up at 3:30am and pay for gas, the ring of your cell phone because your significant other or boss has called 40 times wondering why you aren't home to rake the leaves or at your box finishing those TPS reports, or your attempt to break up the monotony that is driving to fish. 

So here are my top albums to listen to while driving to fish. 

Steelheading Trips: Whether I am driving to the Grand Ronde, OP, Klickitat or "insert steelhead destination here", I tend to listen to music that is more melancholic most likely preparing me for the myth that is Steelhead and what I am more likely to catch. Rain, fish that hang just to the left/right/up/down of where I cast and fellow fisherman babbling incoherently about the way it used to be and/or the one that got away that was absolutely huge (it was actually a whitefish or minnow but their current state of mind refuses to allow them to compute that fact), more rain, vampires, werewolves, a rainier stealing Sasquatch, etc. Anyone who steelheads knows the pain of it all too well. Also, Metallica at 3:30am just isn't my cup of tea even it does drown out the babbling of my fishing partner who claims he has caught fish on dead drifted dry flies in January and that it is the only "true way" to fish for steelhead. Whatever, maybe I will turn on Metallica.

1. Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" and "Neon Bible"
2. Sister Hazel "Fortress"
3. Kings of Leon "Come Around Sundown"
4. Pink Floyd "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd"
5. Brad Paisley "American Saturday Night" (Play this to scare away the vampires, trust me they are hippy vampires and country music makes them burst into flames, just sayin.)

Trout Fishing: Since I live in Cle Elum driving to trout fishing doesn't normally take an extensive amount of my day before I am on the river but when I travel back to Jackson Hole, Durango or Montana I have certain music that keeps me awake the entire 12-20 hours it takes to arrive at my destination. I honestly have no rhyme or reason to my musical choices on these trips, in fact I generally just put the iPod on shuffle and let it roam free, but eventually I do decide to find an album and go with it. I have rules associated with music played driving to trout fish.
Rule #1. Lady Googa or whatever her name is, is not allowed on the radio or in any conversation Exception: The Lonely Island song with Justin Timberlake from SNL.
Rule #2. A Prince or Michael song can only be played once a trip. If you attempt to break this rule you risk being left in the middle of nowhere without a cell phone or sleeping bag.
Rule #3. Whining about the music will only cause it to get louder until your babbling can no longer be heard.

1. The National "Terrible Love"
2. Gorillaz "Plastic Beach"
3. Led Zeppelin "BBC Sessions"
4. Metallica "Black Album"
5. The Mountain Goats "Tallahassee"

Ok. So you have some of the music that I listen to while travelling to fishing locales. I could have thrown in Iron and Wine, Mumford and Sons, Various Country Artists, LCD Soundsystem, etc. But those are the most listened to albums on my iPod. Oh, and if you are ever in Alaska, and on a Beaver, I recommend something loud like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Megadeth. It helps cut out the drone of the airplane.

I would be interested in seeing what y'all's choices are for this. Comment below with your choices or on the Facebook page when this shows up. Also you can tell me my musical choices suck or belong to a crazy person or whatever. It's completely fine, I won't hold it against you...much.

Until next time.
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