Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Survive the Zombieapocalypse

Apparently there is a Zombieapocalypse in our future. It's so close that even the CDC has published a Zombie Survival Guide.  I mean the chances of a Zombieapocalypse actually happening are probably less then nil, but around Febraury here in the Pacific Northwest, a lot of us do start to look like this.
Must. Get. Out. Of. The. House. Rivers...blown...out. Agggghhhhh, Braaaaaiiiiiiinsss.
Also this could happen if the proposed Pebble Mine gets approved. I almost guarantee that will result in some sort of Zombie type apocalypse. What does this have to do with fishing you ask. Well I shall tell you. In the event of a Zombieapocalypse, the fish will most likely turn too. You know, kind of like what the Pinks look like, only worse. So how do you keep safe during this impending doom? We have the answer here at Creekside.
"I. Know. Fly. Fishing. Like...Whoa!"
For the month of November we are offering a deal that will help you be better prepared for those zombie changing months of winter here in the Pacific Northwest. If you come in and buy one the rods you see young master Keanu holding, better known as the new Sage One series. We will throw in a Scientific Anglers GPX or Sharkskin fly line for free. Yes that's right! Free! Nothing will help you survive the Zombieapocalypse better then the One's graphite technology that leads to highly accurate long casts. It is their most accurate rod and one of the smoothest casting rods I have ever used. And with a top notch fly-line the rod will then be complete. So all silliness aside let's recap:

If you buy a new Sage One fly-rod, we will throw in a SA GPX or Sharkskin fly-line for free. That's an $80 value, free!

This deal will last the entire month of November or until supplies last. So come on down, try one out and stock up for the upcoming months of fly-tying, steelheading and rain. Get the boomstick of fly-fishing and use it's accuracy to slay some

Feed Fish Flies, Not Toxins.

Disclaimer: The Sage One is not guaranteed to actually impede zombies, vampies, werewolves, aliens, disgruntled spouses, or any other supernatural creature. Deal runs through November 30th or until fly-line supplies last.

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