Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Methow and Wenatchee open, right....MEOW!

Not much to say other then what I did in the blog title. The two best swing rivers on the dryside of the state within reasonable travel time of you crazy yahoos in Seattle have officially opened as of right meow. Here is the posting from WDFW so you can read the actual regulations.

We have all you need to go satisfy your self inflicted pain that is known as steelheading. Hobo speys, moal leeches, traditional wet flies and skaters. If you feel like nymphing we have stones, egg sucking stones, ESL's and even...erg...beads. You want we've got it, but hurry I expect this news may cause a mad rush.

So come in right meow and get your steelhead fix on the dryside rolling.

Am I saying meow? Of course not! Do I look like a cat to you....

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