Friday, October 14, 2011

Chrome Report: Klickitat Edition

So I have been chasing chrome all over the state since I wandered back in from Alaska in September. The Ronde, the Snoqualmie (just because it is where our casting lessons take place and I can fish for an hour before I head home) and the Klickitat.  The Ronde was slow due to low water and semi-high water temps, but with the recent rains, the reports have gotten better. More fish have moved up from the mouth and are holding in the usual places, you know, just left of where you placed your cast.

I headed down the past two days to hang out with Johnny Steeltrout and few of the other boys over at the Steelhead Ranch on the Klickitat. Johnny and I put in two hard days of fishing on the river with good results.

Granted we were doing some super long floats and mostly fishing under trapped air technology but we did swing and get a few tugs. Earlier this week a young lady landed about an 18 pounder on the swing and there have been other reports along the same nature. The water clouded up a bit with the rains which made the fish less skittish and more willing to eat. We were fishing the usual suspects. ESL's in purple or black, stoneflies, and beads on the nymph rigs. For the swinging use the Hobo Spey black/orange or black/chart, blue/black Loop leeches, black/purple or black moal leeches with an orange conehead, intruders in black/chart black/blue black/purple black/orange black/red.  I would use a deep sinking line either some t-8 or t-14 a type 6 is about as light as I would go.

The fishing has been good and if you want someone to guide you we recommend the guys over there at The Evening Hatch and their Steelhead Ranch because not only will you catch some fish you'll also enjoy the conversation shared with them and have yourself a good time in general.

So if you would like to begin your quest to catch that elusive steelhead, head on into the shop and we'll set you up with what you need to get after it, either on your own or with a guide.

I think there may be a Yak report in store for Sunday so keep reading....if you dare.

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