Monday, October 3, 2011


So there is a vote tomorrow on the Pebble Mine. Something we should all be paying attention to. Here is the article about it in the Alaska Dispatch.

Pebble Gold Mine: A Vote For Southwest Alaska's Future?

We here at Creekside are against this and after working in Bristol Bay this summer as a guide has only strengthened my opposition to this epic bad idea. Largest open pit mine in the world on the largest remaining wild salmon run in the world? Did we mention it is also located on one of the most active faultlines in Alaska too? What about this sounds like a good idea? None of it.

It's amazing how the movement to stop Pebble is finally picking up steam and garnering some attention.  If you are new to this and haven't heard about it, here's some information on some conservation groups that are working to stop the mine from happening and even a letter from Maria Cantwell. And some information on Salmon Conservation groups in our neck of the woods.

Save Bristol Bay

KEEP WATER CLEAN: Renewable Resources Coalition

Maria Cantwell's Letter

Washington Conservation Groups

Save Our Wild Salmon

Coastal Conservation Association

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So stop on in and gear up for fishing. The Steelheading on the dryside is startiing to get hot, hot, hot! I am heading out to the Grand Ronde and the Methow this weekend. So I'll make sure to keep y'all updated on how it's fishing.

Feed Fish Flies, Not Toxins

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