Monday, October 24, 2011

The Up, UP and AWAY: Winter Destination Post

The Pacific Northwest is renowned for it's lovely winter weather. If your definition of lovely is wet, cold, dark, foggy and did I mention wet? For most of us (I exclude myself from that generalization due to RSA otherwise known as Rampant Steelhead Addiction) the only things that consider that weather lovely are sasquatch, vampires, werewolves and the common mixture of all three otherwise known as a steelhead addict. For those of you that feel like this cat come January:

I know exactly what you are thinking right now. That cat has about as much chance of  landing dry as Paul Wulff has of keeping his job. Anyway I digress. We were talking of places to get away to.  Here at Creekside we do our best to cure the mid-winter blues by offering an ever expanding selection of getaways. Some to warmer inclines, others may just be a short jaunt away from the snarl that becomes Seattle to chase fish, drink some beer and have a general hoot of a time, eh? Here are some places we offer to get you out of the house and away from those chores, watching the Seahawks, tying 40 dozen size 18 elk hairs, etc

North Andros Fly-Fishing: Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snappers, Cudas, etc. It's warm, it's friendly, and it is called the bonefishing capital of the world for a reason. Between the guides and the accommodations, nothing melts away months of a cold Northwest winter then Mai Tai's and sandy beaches.

Andros South: Bonefish, bonefish and more bonefish. This place has it all and if you ever get tired of bonefishing (pfft...yeah that would happen) you can go explore on some hikes to see lakes and cays around the lodge. The guides here can work with anyone and ensure that your experience is one to be remembered.

Turneffe Flats Resort: Looking for a place to get out to in the winter but your significant other won't let you go without taking her? This is the perfect place for both of you. You can go chase permit, bonefish, tarpon while he/she goes diving, swimming, Eco tours, etc. The perfect mid-winter vacation for both of you.

Fly-Fish New Orleans, Redfish Charters: Jumbo Redfish on the fly, guides that have fished the area for 20+ years, New Orleans. Need I say more? Didn't think so.

Flygal Adventures: BC Winter runs. With April Vokey and company. You've seen all her fish pics right? She knows what she is doing and so do her fellow guides. Every steelhead addict wants to fish BC for steelhead, myself included. I know it won't be very warm, but it's BC for steelhead and it gets you the heck out of the house. I think you can deal.

OP Steel with Troy Dettman: So one a little closer to home that won't cost you an arm and a leg to travel to. For true steelhead addicts the Olympic Peninsula is as close to BC steel as you can get. Yes, it will be cold and most likely rainy and if you're not careful you could be some tweeny hearthrobs lunch, it's totally worth it for jumbo chromers. Troy knows his stuff and you might even get to fish with me. Yeah, yeah. I'm not as pretty as April but what I lack in looks I make up for in wit...I think. 

If you are looking for the ejection seat for mid-winter, give us a call or drop on in and we can get your getaway rolling. Whatever your heart desires, even if it's just a trout trip on the Yakima we can do that too. We promise you won't end up like that cat above if you get out to one of these places, but if you stay at home this winter....who knows....

Feed Fish Flies, Not Toxins

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