Monday, December 5, 2011

Creekside Angling Winter Rate Special!

We here at Creekside Angling are happy to announce that for the dates of December 1st through the 15th of March we will be offering special winter rates for trout fishing on the Yakima River of $275 for 1 or 2 people! This includes flies, leaders, tippet material and if you can't provide your own rod/reel we have those too. These trips will be bring your own lunch and last around 6 hours on Washington's only blue ribbon trout stream. Snacks, water and soda will be provided.

The Yakima in winter can be a perfect time to float. The water is low and clear and the fishing can be excellent. However it is eastern Washington and it will be chilly so don't forget to bring warm clothing and some waterproof gear and a thermos of coffee may not be a bad idea either. The scenery isn't bad either.

The fishing has been good on the Yak and the weather hasn't been terrible at all so give us a call here at the shop (425-392-3800) if you would like to set up a trip and we can get you rolling on a mid-winter excursion that breaks the doldrums of fly-tying and watching the BCS nightmare known as bowl season.

Tomorrow should bring a post entailing our first full-length fly-tying lesson featuring Shop Pro Charlie Robinton! Learn how to use our new Sculpin Helmets to tie a killer Yakima winter staple, the Sculpin. So stay tuned for that and enjoy the slice of nice weather we are having. Get out and angle!

Feed Fish Flies, Not Toxins.

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sweet looking pattern and great vid