Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Circle 3 Spring Creek. This Month's Featured Destination.

We are more then just a fly-shop here at Creekside Angling Company. We have stable of wicked good guides and a couple top notch destinations to fulfill all of your fishing urges and addictions. Not to mention our frequent classes and personal instruction to help improve your ways in everything fly-fishing.

Every month we feature a destination on our website of places we have fished or really, really want to fish. Since we are in the thralls of a La Nina winter and it's waves of never-ending, soulcrushing weather, this month's featured destination will be a happy summer place in southwestern Montana and is perfect for you spring creek fanatics, like our owner Pete. If casting dry flies, to large hungry trout, in water that is about 15-20 feet wide is your cup of tea then this place may be your Mecca. Here's a video to wet your appetite.

For more information, you can talk to us here at the shop or go here Circle 3 Spring Creek.  We are excited to offer you these premier destinations to get your fixing fish...err....your fishing fix. I apologize, I apparently need more coffee or Mountain Dew.

We may post a little fly-tying instructional video later today, so keep your eyes peeled for that! It will be exciting! Perhaps some humor!

Feed Fish Flies, Not Toxins.

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