Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "RG3 Won the Heisman!" Report.

So I apologize for the lack of posting lately. We here at Creekside have been, swamped, inundated, hammered, wait, forget that last one, that would indicate irresponsible drinking. Anyway, we've been busy. Christmas is near, Hanukkah is upon us, Festivus is, umm, wait, I know this one...sometime? It doesn't help that I am leaving for Texas, Charlie is going to Cali, people are flying all over the place to eat food, open presents and hang out with family. Basically we have been terrible at focusing on the blog and keeping it updated.

On a second note. Yesterday the college football world finally did something right and actually gave the best PLAYER in the land the Heisman Trophy and thank the lucky stars it wasn't some guy from an SEC football team. So congratulations Robert Griffin the Third aka RG3 and Baylor (now the Huskies get to face him. Hahaha. Oh sorry, my inner Coug made an appearance there.) at least college football got something right this year. So how does this tie into fishing you ask. Well let me tell you.

We don't have the best weather here in Washington during the winter, especially during La Nina years, but the winter fishing can be spectacular. Whether it be the Yakima for trout, Rocky Ford for triploids, or the Olympic Peninsula for Steelhead, this state boasts some spectacular fishing opportunities to break up the winter doldrums. So while we may not BC (arguably the best place for steelhead), or Belize (tropical wonderland) or Argentina (Sea-run browns, their summer is during our winter). Just because you aren't in the best place doesn't mean you can't be the RG3 of winter fishing. (See, I told you I would tie it in somehow.)

Here's a few notes from aboot:

The OP: The Bogie has some early hatchery brats and the run should start to pick up steam. Fish have been caught, the weather has been decent and people haven't ran out there yet so you may have some runs to yourself. The Wynooooooooochie is starting to get it's regularly scheduled influx of early fish and has also been fishing,

The Yakima: This gem of holy trout water located in...oh ok I'll stop with the flowery writing. It has been producing nicely the past couple weeks. Pat's stones, SJ Worms, midges, BWO's, caddis, and sculpins are the name of the game this time of year. And patience. Lots of patience. And warm clothing. Oh, and Whisky...or beer...or hot cocoa. We've got the winter guide rates in place too, just in case, you know you wanted to venture over and catch some fishes but don't want to wade.

Skagit/Sky/Snoqualmie: Ok so this just in...the Snoqualmie is actually fishing well. Oh crap, someone get that man some smelling salts! Are you back with us? Ok, good. Fish have been caught on the Snoqualmie this year, fish around the Tolt or up and down David Powell Road. Fish have started showing up in the Sky and skagit, especially up by Cascade Creek on the Skagit and the Wallace on the Sky. So swing away kid or nymph, if that's your bag baby.

Rocky Ford: I haven't heard much but it always fishes well this time of year due to lack of pressure and warmer water then surrounding areas. Yes, it will be cold. But where isn't around here. Fish scuds, leeches, and smaller midge patterns for success. Oh and if anyone goes over there, bring us back a report.

That's all I have for now. Keep sending us fish pics for our website and Facebook. Oh and if you didn't know we had joined the land of the Social Media, we have and stuff. Here's our Facebook. You can also email photos to us at

This will probably be my last blog post as I head to Texas for a week.

Until next time.

Feed Fish Flies, Not Toxins.

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