Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Negate the La Nina Effect

We heard it all fall. La Nina is coming! La Nina is coming! Farley may have said that El Nino was Spanish for the...Nino. It means boy, but if any of you think La Nina is some cute little girl you got problems. More like the little girl from the Exorcist. Anyway, I know what most of you were thinking. Pft...La Nina...HAH! Whatever ain't nothing, until oh...this past week. That's when she strolled in and gave you swift kick to the mommy-daddy button before you even knew what was going on. BOOM! 3 feet of snow, 4 inches of rain, blown out rivers, Chum salmon spawning on Highway 2, some guy in Carnation began building his ark, etc. Don't believe me about the Chum Salmon? Queue that footage Ace!

Feel silly now? We were talking about La Nina and her nasty little self.  Waterproof clothing? Of course. But you don't want to look like the Gordon's Fisherman or the dude from I Know What You Did Last Summer sans hay hooks, right. Well we have what you need here at your local Creekside Location.

We just received a huge order of Simms outerwear, waders, boots and knick knacks sure to help you with negating the effects of La Nina.  We have the full range of Guide Jackets, the fleeces, gloves, waders and boots.

Like this Simms Guide Jacket. Perfect for battling the elements and torrential rains that come with winter fishing in the Pacific Northwest and it's pretty stylish too. I mean as far as waterproof raingear goes.

Or how about this Rivershed Sweater for those of you looking for something to keep warm during those bitterly cold days chasing trout on the Yakima or Steelhead on the Grand Ronde in February?

This is just a peek at the stock of products we have just waiting to meet your wintertime fishing needs.  We even have flies and other accoutrement's that you may need on your adventures chasing fish during the season of the witch...err...La Nina.

So if you don't feel like staying cooped up all winter with the in-laws or significant other, watching HGTV or playing World of Warcraft or whatever else it is you crazy kids do these days. (Please no elaboration, we get it ok?) But don't feel you have the right gear to make the fishing experience more enjoyable then staying at home drinking tea and watching Golden Girls reruns. Come on down and hit us up with whatever questions you may have, try some stuff on, create the X-Mas list and hand it out to whoever may be slightly acquainted with you, and get geared up for La Nina winter.

On another note. The Muppets come out tonight! Hooray! Swedish Chef is back in action. Speaking of chefs...tomorrow is turkey day. I will be stuffing my face with pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and possibly some beer, watching football and doing nothing in general. I hope most of you that read this are not one of the few stuck with working at supermarkets or Wal-Mart and forced into slavery. If so...disregard what I just said about my Thanksgiving...

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and be safe. We shall reopen on Friday at the normal place and time. Sneak on over as your significant other raids the local Black Friday spots if you want to keep your sanity.

Feed Fish Flies, Not Toxins

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