Monday, July 18, 2011

The Lost Report

Well, I spent a couple hours writing an unusually long and informative fishing report the other night, only to have my computer disconnect from my Wi-Fi and lose it all. Nevertheless, the show must go on so here is my brief synopsis of what I wrote before.

The Cedar and SF Snoqualmie have been fishing well. The MF and NF Sno are dropping in nicely too, and a few folks have had some decent fishing in both. For the Cedar, Stonefly nymphs and a variety of droppers such as King Prince, Anato May Hares Ear, and Lightning bugs have been good under a bobber. For dries, Caddis, PED's, Sallies, and Golden Stones are worthy. Throw the big dry such as Chubby Chernobyl in the evening if fish aren't rising, you will be suprised what you might find. For the Forks, all varieties of dry flies including but not limited to Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators in all flavors, anything with Wulff in the name, anything with Adams in the name, and any other buggy/attractor type pattern will catch fish. If they aren't eating dries, fish nymphs. Smaller Stoneflies with any dropper in your box will get it done.

The Yak is fishing very solidly from top to bottom. Nymphing all day has been excellent, nymphing in the evening has been rockin'. Dry fly fishing has been mediocre to great depending on the day. We've caught fish on all kinds of big bugs, though nothing worth writing home about. PMD's and Goldens are cooling, Summer Stones and Hoppers and warming. However, if you are a die hard dry fly guy, you can fish either of the above and catch some fish, though nymphing you will rack up numbers and bigger fish.

The most exciting news I've heard in the last few days is that the humpies are well on their way. A few early ones should be nosing their way down into Puget Sound in the near future. The guys at Neah Bay and Sekiu have been catching quite a few, not to mention the King fishing has been pretty stellar. I talked to a gentleman this morning that said it's been so hot that he doesn't even have time for a cup of coffee between fish. They're throwing Kings back left and right to find the right keepers. So, for us that means the humpies will be here soon. Time to start prospecting the beaches and finding your good spots, because by the time the fish get here you won't want to be wasting your time figuring out where to go.

Thanks for reading, the next post will be all fish porn, a photo essay of sorts, stay tuned.

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