Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July Update

Here's a happy early 4th of July to you and all of you and your families. The sun is finally shining on a regular basis and it appears that summer is beginning to roll along. As for the fishing, the rivers have started to mellow out and fishing has become a little more consistent then it had been the last month or so.

Locally, the Cedar and South Fork Snoqualmie have been the front runners. Both are clear and flowing at a reasonable clip and dropping steadily. Folks have been doing well nymphing for the most part, but some dry fly action is to be had. As for the Cedar, main hatches include but are not limited to Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Caddis, and PED's. On the South Fork, there are a few mayflies, yellow sallies, but caddis is the predominant hatch through the summer.

The Yakima had a minor push of water a few days ago, but has since dropped very hard and is in great shape. Hatches are Goldens, PMD's, Yellow Mays, Caddis, and look for Summer Stones to be starting up very soon. Dry fly activity has been pretty consistent as of late. Big and bushy such as the Chubby Chernobyl in gold, pink, red, and purple color schemes have been a great dry to throw in the heavy flow. They also hold a dropper very nicely. Glommers, Larimers Golden, Amy's Ant, Tantrum, among others have been worthy as well. Droppers should include Silvey's Pupa, Lightning bugs(pearl, gold), Princes(Holo, King, Formerly known as), Crackback PMD's, CDC Pheasant Tails, Petrified Pupa, among others. Nymphing has been good as well, Pat's Stones in various color schemes in #8-10 followed by any of the above nymphs have been productive. Bring along some caddis and PMD dries and emergers in case you find some rising fish. PMD activity will come mid-day and look for caddis activity near dusk(by dusk we mean the last hour before dark).

Steelhead-wise, the Sky and Snoqualmie are worth a shot. There are fish, it is up to you to find them. Put in the necessary time with your fly in the water and you will find them. Winter-style tactics still apply; sink tips and larger profile flies such as Loop Leeches, Hoh-Bo Spey, and Fish Tacos. Keep taking your water temps though, we will start to creep up on the magic floating line temperature pretty quick as runoff subsides and hot weather continues. We just got a huge shipment of awesome Idylwild summer patterns, they are the best commercial tied summer-run patterns we have seen. Come check 'em out.

For all you Alaska-goers, come swing by as we have a good selection of King flies such as Jumbo Critters, Guide Intruders, and Foxee Prawns. The Jumbo Critter in Chartreuse and Blue is a must have, as is the Guide Intruder in Chartreuse/Black. We're fully stocked with tons of awesome Simms t-shirts as well, they have really put out some cool designs and artwork on their shirts this year and let's face it, you can always use another t-shirt. The trout bins are stocked with the latest and greatest dry flies and nymphs, come stock up for what is shaping up to be a great summer and fall.

That's all for today, all of us at the shop wish you and your families a Happy and Safe Independence Day. We'll be back open for business on the 5th.

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