Friday, March 4, 2011

We're in the Middle of It

So as the title indicates, we're in the middle of it. Reports from the Forks area streams have been very good. The Hoh, Bogey, Sol Duc, Calawah, Queets, among others have fish throughout. Brett is over guiding in Forks for the next few days, so hopefully he'll give me up to date reports through the weekend. Our head guide Chris will be there as well. The Grays Harbor area rivers have been producing quite well too. Swinging or nymphing, the fish are there and there is plenty of fun to be had. After all that is the point right? To have fun? For me it is.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing with a good buddy Andrew on a Grays Harbor area river. We've spent many days fishing together over the last few years, but the last 6 months or so have found it difficult to get out. He's a very good angler, and was rewarded on this day by hooking a good number of fish. We had a blast despite the snow, hail, rain, and 30 mph gusts blowing through. It felt like Montana in March, the weather changing every 20 minutes. Here are a couple from the day.


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