Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dry Fly Time!

Well folks, it appears as though the time has finally come. SKWALA TIME ON THE YAK! Ok, before you get too excited there are a couple of catches. Some of our lousy weather has managed its way over to the eastside over the last few days, causing the river to rise and dirty a little bit, especially below Wilson Creek. Where will our early skwala dry fly fishing likely take place? Yes that's correct, primarily below Wilson Creek and down in the canyon. Water temps are primed, there are some bugs, and the trout are trying to look up, however it seems to us that the last few days of off color water has prevented the dry fly fishing from taking off. Can you still get 'em on a dry in dirty water? You certainly can. Will you crush 'em? Maybe, maybe not. 

So if you have been chomping at the bit for some early season dry fly fishing, well it is the time. Are the conditions as perfect as we would like? Not really for throwing the dry. If you like to nymph, then it's great. If you like to do both, that's even better. Just remember, go out with an open mind, maybe have a nymph rig as well as a dry fly rod. If your really into it, maybe a 3rd rod rigged with a streamer. Maybe nymph your spots and prospect with a dry on the go. Maybe even run a worm under your big foamy homebrew skwala, especially when fishing those skinny banks that your nymph rig always seems to hang up in.  When the conditions are less then ideal, remember to slow it down, fish smart, fish methodically, and if you aren't getting 'em, switch it up. "It" could mean a lot of things: bugs, weight, depth, water type, and the list goes on and on, but the bottom line is that the fish didn't go anywhere. Switch it up. 

Well that's our 2 cents for the day. We had a lot of folks by the shop this week headed out to the Yak this weekend. We hope you got 'em. If you didn't, maybe reading this will have you better prepared for your next outing. We'll keep you posted as conditions change.

Remember, we're running our March Madness Skwala Specials. $300 for a full day of fishing. The same as any other guide trip except you bring your own lunch. This means flies, shuttle, tippet, equipment, and your guides wisdom are included. These trips will run through the end of the month. Call us at the shop for more info.


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