Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OP and Yak Reports

So Brett made it back from the coast just before everything blew out. He bounced around on the Bogey, Hoh, and Clearwater. The weather held in, and the rivers were in great shape. Five solid days of guiding, fish hooked on the swing, fish hooked on the nymph, what more can you ask for?
As for me, I was out on Sunday with Jamie and John on the Yakima. We fished in the farmlands section, and it was perfect day around 50 degrees and barely a breath of wind. No skwala dry action to speak of yet. We didn't throw the dry on the go, though we did throw it at a couple of midge eaters to no avail. The fish are still on the stone and worm program, however they were starting to come off the worms a bit and more towards the stone. Water temps were fluctuating between 38 and 42 degrees, which is prime for the skwala nymph to become more active. There was a decent midge hatch mid-day as well. Any day now the bugs will be hatching and we'll be throwing the dry, it's just a matter of a couple warm nights to get it going. I heard a rumor of some decent dry fly activity yesterday afternoon in the canyon, so who knows, maybe it's started already, ya never know until you get out there and give it a shot. Below is John with a couple of solid yakima trout. Thanks guys for a fun day.
Pats Stone #10, #12
Twenty Incher #8. #10
Mercer's Skwala #10
John's Skwala #10
Worms #10, #14
WD40 Olive, Black #18
Brassie Red #18, #20


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mowse said...

Thanks for a great day on the water, Johnny! As usual, good times were had by all. Watching my friend John get into his first big Yakima trout, during his first float trip ever, was just awesome! He slept during the ride home, snoring loudly most of the time. Mission accomplished!