Thursday, August 5, 2010

Want to buy normal flows...

So you know that issue you Washingtonians were having earlier this summer with rivers being blown out and the fishing being near impossible? Yeah...welcome to monsoon season in Durango. Wicked violent thunderstorms in the morning, afternoon, night...yeah they come out of nowhere, drop like 3 inches of rain in 25 minutes and turn the Animas into the color of a red Crayola Crayon. So yeah...but at least we have the Juan. Oh? Was that a low blow? So sorry.

Anyway, Brett informs me that I should continue to write on this here fancy internet, blog doohickey because he is too lazy...err...I mean busy, right busy, to do so. So you will get a steady stream of me from now on. This is your fair warning to go read something else. No? Well you can't say I didn't warn you.

Since I won't be fishing the Juan until this weekend (oh ho! The hits just keep coming!) I will just pleasure you with some more places to fish this summer.

1. Elk Creek, Colorado: This is on my "to do" list, in the numero uno position (for those of you that don't speak Spanish, that means the number uno). This was featured in Fly-Fisherman a couple months back. You know, it's Rocky Ford on steroids. The creek is literally 15 feet wide in places and holds browns up to 8lbs in it. You hike into the meadow sections and fish terrestrials, midges and I was told...*gasp*...that a San Juan worm in purple would work. Once I get the time off I will definitely be heading to this place and so should you...I mean it only took me 22 hours to get here from Cle Elum and that was with a sidetrip to Jackson Hole on the way down...

2. Flat Creek, Jackson Hole: Hey guess what?! Flat Creek opened up on the first of August! Want to fish for jumbo cutty's with giant elk breathing down your neck just north of scenic Jackson Hole? Yes...yes you do. I would wait...oh about 7.65 more days though. Why wait you ask? Because that is when the 512 people that slept in their cars on July 30th to get out on the creek at midnight will actually decide it is time to take a shower, shave and stop slapping the water with every fly on God's green earth. My tips...use a red wire San Juan worm, midges, spinner cripples and yes...even a black wooley bugger or leech pattern has had success in tricking these giant fish of legend.

3. Green River, Flaming Gorge, Utah: I mentioned in the earlier post right down there that I stopped here on the way up to Jackson and just hammered fish, well...apparently you can tie on some big new fangled foam fly the size of a chicken (ok maybe a small rodent, sue me for exaggerating) and catch fish. I have only that one experience to go on, but I may go back. Alright, alright! I will go people are so touchy. Hey! Put that down! I said I was going back. Terrestrials, chernobyls, stones, assorted nymphs, including a SJ worm...should do the trick. Fish near the dam or if you have a boat do the float...there are assorted access points all downriver from the dam as well for you poor folks like me who have to rely on wading to fish.

And on that note. I am going to end this now with the promise of a Juan update after this weekend. I don't know when...I don't know how...but it will happen. This is more assured than steelhead actually not being mythical. Until that happens.

Feed Fish Flies, Not Plastic


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