Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A report from Jackson Hole...

So...I went up to Jackson Hole this past weekend to visit a friend and do some fishing/look for work (which coincidentally involved fishing...for the most part.) The fishing was unbelievable and so too was the job market. It appears I will be going back to freezing my bum off in the winter, keeping warm by tying flies and drinking Snake River Brewing's finest, and most likely counting down the days until the ice on the river thins enough to sink a nymph through.

Oh by the way. The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam was on fire. I stopped for about an hour on the way up from Durango and hammered some very large fish on a very large black Chernobyl pattern.

Anyway, I digress, as I was saying the fishing in Jackson was ridiculous. I fished the Buffalo Fork and the Snake near Wilson. 20+ fish all on dries. Yellow Sallies (yes, there is that fly again. I tell you it works, use it) size 18-20 Mahogany Cripples, beetles, ants and hoppers were the name of the game. I fished mainly the Yellow Sally with the Cripple trailing behind going "too-lah-roo-la-roo-la" Then. WHAM! A fish would slam it with the force of one of those hurricane-type thingy's they have down south.

The Snake is somewhat wade-able, it definitely would be way easier from a boat, but still doable with your own legs. It was at around 4000 CFS but it braids all through the Park and around Jackson, which means just pick a tasty looking side channel and have at it. The Buffalo Fork is easily waded at the moment but the reason I left the isolation of that river was due to a Grizzly deciding to join me for some early morning dry fly action. I hadn't realized up to that point that I could walk on water. Had I known that I wouldn't have bothered with wading boots....

Anyway. I would say it's time to travel. The fishing has been as hot as the weather here in the landlocked, anadromous-free, trout filled states of Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. Stop in at the Creekside shop on the way out here, load up on some flies, leaders and maybe some bear spray (it doesn't really work, especially if you spray yourself but still, you just never know) brag to Brett about where you're going and don't forget the Rainier.

WhyRainier you ask? Why to pay me for this top-notch information...

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