Monday, August 23, 2010

Flatlined on Flat Creek.

So I know I promised you a Juan report in my last blog post but unfortunately I did not make it down to the Juan before I left Durango two days ago for Jackson Hole.

Why didn't I fish the Juan? The weekend we were going to head down there we caught wind that the entire state of Texas had just descended upon the river and began their convulsive rowing of circles through Texas Hole because some guy told them of a 10lb Brown he had seen brush past his fly two years previous. We decided to skip the show of 10-gallon black hats, never before used Cabelas waders, and hearing "Golly!" and "Y'all see that one?!" once every 25 seconds, to fish the Animas. And slay fish we did. Hopper + caddis nymph dropper = mega fish. Keep that in mind if you decide to sneak out of Washington and fish Colorado during steelhead season.

I, once again, digress. My first day back I went right for the throat of fishing in Jackson. That's right I went right after Flat Creek. Good 'Ole Flat Creek. Dirty, rotten no good son of a....ahem. Sorry about that.

The fishing was slow (as it usually is. If you don't have patience or like to work for your fish. Go fish the Buffalo Fork.) but I got into 6 fish. Unfortunately none of them were monstrous. The biggest was 20 and it took a size 22 grey RS2 that was trailing along behind a Red Turk's Tarantula. Most of the other fish were taken on an assortment of smaller, green bodied hoppers as well as one on a black marabou leech with red and green flashabou tied back from the head the length of the body.

From what I could gather talking to some other fly-fisherpeople (I say people because a few were need to discriminate by saying fisherman.) Hoppers, Quigley Cripples, red and green bodied Turk's Tarantulas, leeches and midge patterns were catching fish sporadically throughout the day.

With Flat Creek you know it always depends on what the fish is feeling like at the moment your fly goes by. Flat Creek trout are definite drama queens. You got to cater to their needs. And cannot use explosives.

Ahhhhh...It's good to be back in Jackson.

Feed Fish Flies, Not Plastic

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