Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have officially hijacked this blog

So. Since Brett has failed at updating the blog since June. I take this over with a list of things to do with the rest of your summer. Oh yes...I am back.

First things first. Fishing should be your top priority. Your significant other be damned...that 500 mile backpacking trip you should complete in three days according to her...forget about it. I have much better plans.

1. The Juan. Aka the San Juan. As always should be tops on the list. I mean comon'...where else can you hook 20+ fish that are 18+ inches in 4 hours on 5x tippet and a size 20 zebra midge? No where! That's where. Just do it. (yes I stole that from Nike, get over it.) Use either a zebra midge or a Skintilla....Skintilla equals a size 20 chocolate colored bubbleback's like 5 wraps of brown thread with a silver wire rib and a small glass bead. You will slay fish all day. Promise.

2. The Yak. Yes if you wish to stay closer to home a hopper. Should be amazing right now as it usually is. I have heard that in the summer if you fish a Yellow Sally you can slay fish, but that is just a rumor that has been disputed by many. (However with my 20+ years experience fishing the upper works...just sayin'.)

3. The South Fork of the Flathead. Sure you have to drive 50 miles up a dirt road. Sure it is in Montana. Pretty sure you will hammer fish and quite possibly a really large bull trout if you get lucky. But I is sooooooo far. Just say...Hey! It's wilderness...there will be no one around to see you get ignored by me completely. Well maybe don't say that, but you catch my drift.

4. Yellowstone National Park. Ok so you can drop her/him off at civilization and book it for the Lamar, Slough, Yellowstone, Blechler and if you feel real frisky, you can just hike/horseback ride the 50 miles (I recommend the use of a horse) into the Thoroughfare area of the park. It is the largest road less area in the continental US, but trust me the fishing is totally worth it. Big will cry from pure joy fishing there. Also...go to Tower Falls...hike the steep trail to the will not be disappointed. Trust me. That was my share it with the bears and elk....And that is it. Oh and the fishing is awesome too.

5. Harass Brett. He may pretend he hates it and sure he is a bit uppity, but I mean...can you get better fishing info from anyone but Brett, Dan, Johnny or Pete...I mean Keith is a longshot but still. Harass and garner info from a nice comfy shop in Izzy. Can't get any better than that right? Well on second thought...

My hijack of the thread is over. Enjoy the summer and hopefully Brett decides to update the blog more than once a month after this.

Feed Fish Flies, Not Plastic.


PS: I have been slaying fish on the Animas here in Durango on the Wier Brett may actually know what he is doing...

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