Friday, October 30, 2009

Sockeye in the Yakima System

Thanks to the Yakima Tribal Nation and other biological entities in the state. The Yakima River system, which I was told had one of the largest sockeye runs in the Lower 48, is beginning to see a return of sockeye to the Upper Cle Elum River basin. It only took them...100 not that long....

Remember my blog post earlier about internet terms? This is one of those moments where you scream diaf at the Bureau of Reclamation. 100 years... Ridiculous! You say? Ludicrous! You say again? Preposterous! I say...You know for being the most advanced country on Earth, we sure don't learn from mistakes very fast. I mean, come on. Sample conversation of the BoR's early thoughts on dams...

BoR circa 1910: "We put the dams up and the fish disappeared, we can't figure out why."

YN: "Your dams killed the run."

BoR: "Yeah right. You obviously know nothing of dams."

BoR 100 years later: "Wow. Our dams did kill the fish. Our bad."

Anyway. Here's the article.

Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife News Bulletin

Feed Fish Flies not Plastic

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