Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Ocean of Trash

You know that great song by The Arcade Fire Ocean of Noise? Well replace noise with plastic or trash and you get the great soupy mess we have in our Pacific Ocean right now. We keep wondering why our fish are dying or not returning. We blame the gillnetters (yes they are a major issue), Global warming (maybe just part of the planet's carbon cycle, maybe greenhouse gases, maybe a mixture of both?), and excessive habitat degradation (no side comment here). This is a major issue that needs to be discussed. It is killing fish, zooplankton, birds and apparently working it's way up the food chain.

Rolling Stone's 1090 (Oct. 29, 2009) issue has a great article on it by Kitt Doucette unfortunately they have not linked it on their site yet. So you may have to go buy the magazine to actually read it. There is also a wikipedia site dedicated to it (yes, I know...wikipedia is sometimes full of crap, this one is legit), an actual website dedicated to cleaning it up, Good Morning America, A great youtube video featuring Capt. Charles Moore, and even Oprah (bleh but hey...use people with power to get things done...amirite?)

Wikipedia Article

Stop Trashing Our Ocean

Good Morning America Clip

Capt. Charles Moore Interview

Enjoy and get involved. I mean only if you like fish and stuff.

Feed Fish Flies not Plastic.


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