Monday, January 2, 2012

The Best of 2011, Creekside Edition

We have entered 2012 with tails...err...tales of steelhead in our brains and dreams of fishing trips to come. 2011 was a year of high water, really high water into mid summer, a crappy summer of weather until the very end, Donald Trump's run for president and subsequent tongue lashing as he pulled out (please, please run as an independent, we all need something to laugh about), epic steelheading and great fall trout fishing.  All in all, from a fishing standpoint it was a great year. So in the effort of beating a hatchery steelhead into further submission, so to speak, we shall review the year, Creekside style.

Best Steelhead River, The Klickitat: While steelheading was pretty good across the board this past year, the Klickitat takes the cake. This fall it provided more entertainment for fly-fisherman and gear heads then Donald Trump's presidential campaign did for Jon Stewart. A lot of fish, and not just hatchery fish were being caught, lots of big wild fish, bringing smiles to even the most hardened man's face. Hell, even I caught some, which tells you just how good it was and I have proof.

See. Proof. Anyway, the Klickitat fished really well this year. We recommend you start thinking about heding down there next year, hanging out with the boys from the Steelhead Ranch and hooking some chrome in the cold, crisp autumn air.

Creekside Catch of the Year: This one was a tough one to determine.We had some good ones to peruse. From little girls holding their first fish to seasoned vets showing off slabs we got them all. So after much thought, for our Catch of the Year we have chosen. (Someone queue a drumroll or something.)
Gotcha! Ok, ok. Here is the real Catch of the Year.
Hugh and Scott doubled up on the Klickitat!

Top Fly: The bead. I keed, I keed. There were a lot of great flies this year. The one we would choose to be the top fly for this year would be everyone's favorite to say because it drums up Bill Murray. I, of course, am talking about the Dali Llama, as our fly of the year. Cinderella story, this greenskeeper...

Ok and with one finally thing.

Epic Fail of 2011: Steven Tyler. We are talking to you. You single handedly cleaned out our feather market with your silliness of using grizzly hackle, in your hair, while on American Idol. So consequently all us poor defenseless fly-fisherman had nothing to tie size 26 gnats with. So congratulations, you sir, are Creekside's Epic Fail of 2011.

There's our best and worst of 2011.

In other news the westside rivers are coming back into fishing shape, especially the Snoqualmie and Sky. So head on out and get some steelhead that are within reach of Seattle.

I hope everyone had a great New Year and here is to a very fishy 2012.

Feed Fish Flies, Not Toxins.


Michael in Seattle said...

While I'll go along with Stephen Tyler as Epic Fail as an individual for creating the run on feathers, how about a corporate / government epic fail? I'd like to nominate the EPA for not having the balls to tell Pebble Mine from day one "NO WAY IN HELL!"

brett said...

Aaahhhhh-greed. Do your research Ryan. Meow! Love, Brett

Creekside Staff said...

Gentlemen. While I agree that Pebble Mine is an epic fail, I was going with what had more of an direct effect on our industry.

I think we can all agree Pebble Mine and Alaska's consequent repeated failings regarding it, are on a level of fail that can't be defined, but the feather craze had more of direct causal relationship with our industry. Well, that and the Vampire Sightseeing tours that Teeny-bop movie has caused on the OP...