Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yakima 5-2

Well just as it seemed the weather was about to turn, we got hit with another day of mostly cold, windy, and rainy weather. Got to sneak out for a day of goofing off with buddies Josh and Lex. We fished Bristol to Green Bridge, known also as the "Thorp Wind Tunnel". Lucky for us, the wind wasn't much more than a constant 5 mph with some rain mixed in, though it got a little gusty at times. Nymphing was pretty good, though a little sluggish in the AM. We saw a few BWO's and Midges, but nothing worth writing home about. Had it not been for the constant light wind, it would have been a great day for BWO's or March Browns: dark, cloudy, and rainy. Most productive flies for us were Pat's #4-8 black and black/brown. We got a few on some different smaller nymphs as well, such as the Anato-May #14, Flashback PT #16, King Prince #14, and Red Brassie #18, but 90% of the fish were on the Pat's. The water was 39 degrees at Bristol and warmed to around 42 mid-day near the homestead, still cold stuff dumping in at the Teanaway. Reports were good from the weekend, the river fished pretty decent throughout. Saturday was a little tough for some, as the bite was a little lean paired with some strong winds, but most folks did some good on Friday and Sunday. Here's a few from the day, we'll be back at it Thursday and Friday with a report to follow.
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