Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bass Attack

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. Brett had been down in Belize for a week or so and I've been really tied up watching NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs amongst many other fine television programs. I will tell you one thing, it has definately not been because I've been fishing. I did manage to make it over to Lenice with a few buddies for a couple of days last week, and we found some pretty decent success. Nothing over the top, but pretty consistent fishing and nice sunny weather. The method of operandi was chironomids anywhere from 1-20 feet under a bobber. Leeches, damsels, and calibaetis nymphs trolled and stripped slowly caught fish as well. The highlight of the two days was a 3 or 4 hour period back in the islands where we were able to pick off a number of fish on either hatching midge patterns or calibaetis emergers/adults/floating nymphs. I will say that it appeared to me that chironomids are still the name of the game. If you are heading over, go prepared with a load of chironomids including a variety of smaller #16-#22 in black, rust, and most certainly olive. Our best bug day 1 was black #20 and day 2 was #16, 18 olive. Word on the street was a few guys did pretty well on bloodworms as well.

Overall, reports have been quite good from all of the desert lakes. Local lakes have been solid as well. Aside from trout, many of our lakes have began fishing quite well for bass. Head Guide Chris Senyohl has been putting his time in on a bunch of local lakes and doing quite well. Below is evidence of just that.If your interested in switching things up a bit and perhaps learning a bit about how to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass on the fly, give us a shout and book a trip with Chris. You will have a great time, learn a ton, and catch some fish. With not much else going on right now, it's the perfect time to learn about some of our other fisheries. Now is primetime so jump on it before it's too late.

Oh, and as for the Yak, the lower is still a mess but the upper is fishable but moving pretty fast. Wading is pretty much out, floating is really the only good option at the moment. So if you must, go fish the upper. Otherwise, stick to the lakes and such for another little while.


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