Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holidays, Triple Play

Now for the third and final edition of Holidays, The Wish List. I've covered movies and books for the long dreary winter months. I know right this instant you are perusing the web looking at photos from Belize, Ascension Bay, Argentina, New Zealand, and the Bahamas, than consequently looking outside and a fever has got a hold of you. No, not the Swine Flu, or the one that needs more cowbell. This fever is the need to be someplace sunny and warm and despite the claim throwing fly line to cruising fish while the significant other lays on the beach sipping Mai Tai's, and no, this place is not Philly. (Yeah I know the show says it's always sunny, but it lies.)

Here is some gear that can help you pack your garage to your destination of choice. Whether that would be the Olympic Penninsula (not sunny either) or the wilds of Patagonia, this gear will get your fishing stuff there in one piece and might even hold some other amenities.


1. Outcast Neff Bag (LG and MD) - A good heavy duty bag for carrying around waders, boots, jackets, and other apparel. This bag will hold up under the worst conditions and won't cost an arm and a leg. They are also large enough to fit a small animal in or a fishing partner that is too poor to afford the plane ticket, but is crying about not being able to join you.

2. Sage Kit Bag - A large center compartment has plenty of space for stuffing it full of your bajillion fly-boxes and plenty of outer pockets for leaders, tippets, reels, chewing gum, beer, soda, and whatever else you can think of. It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap for easy carrying and works perfectly in boats and as a carry-on (if you can convince the TSA you aren't going to hijack the plane with that 1/0 tarpon fly.)

3. Simms Gear Bag - A nice bag that can hold your technical outerwear and a lower vented compartment for your waders/boots. A couple outer pockets will hold your gloves, hats and whatever else you decide to throw in there. Works perfectly for getting your frozen body parts out of your waders, stuffing them into the bag and than tossing said bag into the trunk as you high step to the front seat and crank the heat.

4. Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack - Perfect for those long hot days in Ellensburg, Missoula, Yellowstone or Island Park that you are wishing were coming a lot sooner. Also perfect for when you are hiking through the wilds of Patagonia, Kashmir, New Zealand or wherever else you are dreaming of going. This pack is light and has enough space to carry 2 boxes plus any other terminal gear you can think of (you know tippets, leaders, beer). Just a fair warning, this pack will not fend off bears, cougars, misquitoes, etc.

Well. Thanks for coming out. I know most of you are now stringing together massive wish lists to hand to your significant other or friends or dog. Just take some deep breaths the Holiday season is almost over and than it's more college football mayhem (yes, I too think the BCS is crap), New Years, and than Steelhead season begins, Yay!

Have a good holiday season, eat lots of food and be merry with your friends and family.

Feed Fish Flies, not Plastic

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