Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holidays, Part Duex

So I listed a previous blog post "Holidays, Part One" so that obviously means there would be a second post sometime in the near future. Well the future is now, err I guess that would make it the present...or whatever. You catch my drift. The weather has warmed up a bit from the "OMG! I can't text you because my fingers are frozen!" level to the typical Seattle winter trist of "Rain, drizzle, overcast, wind, rain, mist, rain." Take lots of vitamin D, keep the fridge stocked with beer/soda/wine/fruit juice, coffee pot pumping out gallons of black sludge all day and your fly-tying desk stocked, and you'll be fine. Promise. Winter Steelheading is coming, you have to prepare for the torture.

Until that day comes and this Holiday Season ends. (Yes, holiday. I went over this already.) I have some books you may want to indulge yourself, or others with, until the steelhead begin laughing at your poor excuse of a fly in 20 below weather.


1. Trout Flies For Rivers - A book by the venerable Skip Morris and his wife Carol Ann, which includes flies from the west that work everywhere. It has step by step instructions, material lists, a DvD and it may even have the kitchen sink (not sure still looking). This book is perfect for your ventures into the basement when the Seahawks are losing 400 to 0 on Sunday morning and rain is coming down so hard you feel like you're in "Rambo: First Blood", only replace the jungle with conifers and the hostiles with your significant other. (Oh by the way, Skip Morris will be in our shop giving a clinic on Tuesday, January 12th. It's $35 and the best way to spend your sick day. Promise.)

2. Inventing Montana, Dispatches from the Madison Valley - This enigmatic book by Ted Leeson is, as I've been told, one of the better reads. Incoming insertion of a blurb about it from come on you think I would do that to you?! Sheesh. This book follows Leeson and his friends that return to the Madison every year to stay at a ranch house and intertwines fishing, geography and why the Montana of our youths (oh yeah, I went there) has become our Mecca in the world of fly-fishing. This is a perfect read when the Sonics are losing 100 to...err...wait we don't have basketball anymore....nevermind. Just read it ok?

3. Olive and the Little Woolly Bugger - Looking for a good kids book? This is it. Kirk Werner, esteemed writer and fellow Wazzu alumnus (yeah I went to that school too.) Has created a fun, entertaining and well illustrated book that follows a Olive and her friends around. The illustrations alone are worth picking the book up. Yes I read it. You did see where I went to college right? (Ha! Beat you to that joke didn't I?) But really, for those of you trying to create smaller fly-fishing fanatic version of yourselves, this book is the perfect gift.

4. A River Runs Through It, A Good Life Wasted - If you've read these books than you know how good both of them are and should probably read them again. Or you could share the joy with your less, shall we say, bookish friends and buy them the book for these long winter months when all they do is cry at you on the phone about how they can't fish and they are going crazy and therefore are beginning to infect you with their crazy talk of fishing when the Skykomish has made the yellow line on Highway 2 it's main channel. Books save lives. True story. Write that down.

You don't want that, niether do we. Turn the cell phone off, brew some coffee and sit down in the basement with the music up so you can't here your significant other banging on the door to get your butt upstairs and do the dishes. I mean sheesh, don't they realize it's the winter and you must prepare mentally for the upcoming fishing season? The thoughtlessness...I tell you.

As always, Feed Fish Flies not Plastic.

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Kirk Werner said...

Thanks for the mention of Olive the Little Woolly Bugger. While I certainly don't claim to be esteemed in any endeavors, I do appreciate the partisan accolades (we Cougs do have to stick together). Let's schedule a book signing event one of these days- I'd be honored to do so!