Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are...

You remember this kids book your parents read to you just before bed because they thought it would help you sleep but actually scared the bejeezis out of you? Now they've made a movie so you can amp up the fear even more on your children. Just remember what happens, especially if you take them camping, fishing, or hiking in the following places. The little noise outside the tent may cause them to levitate and hang on to your ears or hair so they don't float out of the tent.

1. Potholes Reservoir. One of the best bass fisheries in the state. It also has carp and walleye too. You can camp in the dunes area or find a more civilized place to stay. You will really need a boat to fish this lake and follow the fish as they move through the shallow, duned out lake. A GPS would be handy too so you don't get lost. The wild things abound here, and I mean deer, elk, geese, ducks, coyotes, etc. So even if you don't catch a boatload of fish you can still enjoy the surreal desert oasis landscape the Potholes offers. If you do decide to camp, the night sky is simply amazing with the clarity of the air.

2. Skykomish River. The Steelhead seems like a mythical creature out of "Where the Wild Things Are" but I swear they absolutely, positively, certainly, kind of, maybe, do exist. The Skykomish's summer runs are starting to show signs of life all the way up to Reiter Ponds and beyond into the wilds of the South Fork. Fish the floating lines with summer wets and skaters and bring home the chromies of the Pacific. There are plenty of access points and camping areas along the rivershed, which gives you ample opportunities to sleep on the rock hard ground and wake up early to hit the river in the misty first morning light.

3. Lake Wenatchee. Just opened for Sockeye on August 5th and is open until harvest numbers are met. Ample places exist to camp around the lake and get a headstart on the days of fishing. The area around the lake is also great, including Icicle Creek and the Leavenworth area. The wild things here are the Bavarian themed restaurants and bars and the occasional bear that may lose his/her way out of the high country down to the lake area.

4. Forks. A great place to hang out and head out to fish the local rivers and beaches for pinks, kings, steelhead, and any other fish you can think of. The Hoh and Bogachel are within striking distance as is Realto Beach. The kids obsessed with that one vampire flick filmed there could have fun hanging out while you slay fish. Just beware of those super foggy days, you could have a sudden aversion to sunlight after you emerge from the rivers.

As always. Feed fish flies.

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