Thursday, August 20, 2009

The crazy

Was out at Lincoln Park this morning (no not the screamo band, the park on West Seattle) and watched the buzz bombers standing shoulder to shoulder, land about 30+ fish in an hour and a half. Apparently they don't adhere to the Finding Nemo or PETA ideals of "Fish are friends not Food" or Sea Kittens or whatever other insane propaganda PETA can throw at our youth. I did manage to hook one, but he threw me faster than the Mariners Bullpen throws a lead in the eighth.

There were some fellow fly-fisherman about too although they were apparently not in reach of the pod these guys were catching fish out of. I did see enough pink fur/metal/goo being flung by ugly sticks to make a Flamingo blush. So I would say pink is the color to use, just have to find a spot and fling your fly out there.

If you need more information on the saltwater, remember that our own Dan Lemaich is holding a free talk this Saturday at 10am on "Beach Basics" at our Issaquah shop. So stop on by and pick up some information.


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Anonymous said...

I was there this morning too, the buzz bomb guys to my left and right caught and gave a rock shampoo to three pinks each, while I didn't even get a pull at my line... If only I could get a buzz bomb fly pattern...