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Is Spring Runoff Keeping You Off the Water?

Is Spring Runoff Keeping You Off the Water?

The Yakima River is still out of shape, but it's not the only game in town. With cooler temps predicted over the next week we wouldn't be surprised to see some fishable flows over the next several days. In the meanwhile, trout and bass in our local lakes and sea-run cutthroat fishing in the Puget Sound are giving anglers plenty to do. Don't know much about lake fishing? Come on by the shop or call in and we'll gladly help you get up to speed with where to go and what to do. Hesitant because you don't have a boat, pontoon or float tube? There isn't a better time to get out and hook your first sea-run cutthroat off the beach. We have the info and resources you need to scratch that fishing itch!

HEY! YOU! Send in photos of fish you've captured and we will put them on our website in our Catch of the Week section. Email your photos to Bonus points for a Creekside hat. Here are a few more for your perusal.

#1 Chris Senyohl just returned from what looks like a heck of a trip to the Florida Everglades and West Indies where he managed to angle himself into what we here at Creekside like to call the "Super Mega Grand Slam": Permit, bonefish, tarpon, snook, sea trout, black drum and lookdown fish among others!


This beastly permit ate a Corbett's Crab! 


Chris hooked all his bones on a Crazy Corbett... 


The Tarpon ate a Corbett's Peanutbutter Milksy... 


A Sloppy Corbett fooled this Snook... 


Sea trout on a Corbett's Seadiever... 


And a choker black drum too!
For more pics and updated fly tying instruction/videos check out our blog here.

Yakima: The Yakima River is high for now, but don't expect it to stay that way for too much longer. Much of the snow melted during the hot weather over the weekend and the river is dropping into shape fast. Get your caddis dries and pupa patterns ready because the bugs are popping and the river should be in shape by next week. Flies to try are: CFO Caddis (12-14), Elk Hair Caddis (12-14), X-Caddis (12-16), Rubber Legged stonefly (4-8), BH Pheasant Tail nymph #14-20, Lightning Bug Pearl #12-16, Lime Copper John (16-20), Prince Nymph (12-16), Silvey's Pupa (12-16), Sculpzilla (4-8), Sheila Sculpin (4), Beldar (2-8), Slap & Tickle (4).

Lakes: Damsels and Callibaetis are here! This week we've had some great reports from guys fishing the E-WA lakes. Most had success fishing damsel nymphs, but there were mentions of sporadic Callibaetis hatches on both Lenice and Chopaka. Small tan chironomids (14-16) have also been producing. Locally, rattlesnake is continuing to fish well. Fish are moving a bit shallower and chasing down buggers, leeches and damsel imitations stripped or trolled. Bass fishing is heating up both locally and in E-WA. Small to medium sized clouser minnows or other baitfish imitations are working well on Sammamish and Pine Lake for smallmouth, and a variety of big nasties--including topwatwers--are taking fish around Potholes and Moses Lake. If you have never tried bass fishing before just wait until one of these hyper agressive predators blasts your fly and doubles your'll be hooked!
Flies to try: Rapunzel (10-12), Mini Damsel (10-12), Thorax Callibaetis (12-16), D&D Cripple Callibaetis (12-16), Hale Bopp Leech (8-10), Peacock Carey (8-10), Wooley Buggers (8-10), Ice Cream Cone (10-16), Holo Cironomid (10-16), Chironocones (10-16), Knobel Chironomids (10-16).

NaCl Water:
This has been a fantastic season so far in the Puget Sound! Particularly down south we have been finding willing fish more often than not and hooking some nice ones. Sand lance are showing up now in good numbers and there are still plenty of salmon smolts around. While a variety of baitfish imitations have been catching fish lately, hooking up consistently on any particular one has been tough. It really all depends on how active the fish are, how much bait is around and what type of bait the fish are eating. This is why it's important to have some accurate sand lance, smolt and herring imitations as well as some attractor patterns and wild color schemes in your box. A good rule of thumb is to go natural when you see fish feeding, but don't be afraid to think outside the box when things get tough. 

*For those of you who are new to beach fishing and want to give it a go, we offer guided beach fishing trips as well as trips out of the boat with our head guide Chris Senyohl. For more info on these trip visit our shop or give us a call at 425-392-3800*

Flies To Try: Wests Imitator, Foul Free Herring, Seth's Sand Lance,Rolled Muddlers, Wooley Buggers, Miyawaki Poppers, Clouser Minnows.

Intermediate Casting Classes With FFF Certified Casting Instructor Bill Wheeler-
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We fished the 9' 7WT this fall for coho off of the Puget Sound beaches and the rod proved up to the task. Long casts with large flies were effortless. Windy conditions were no problem. Big, bright coho were subdued time and time again. 

R.L. Winston offers the BIIISX in two different lengths from 4-12 weights. From big dries on windy days to cruising tarpon at 70 feet, there is something for everybody.

Price: 4-6WT-$795, 7-12WT-$895

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Feed Fish Flies.
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Attention Washington anglers: Boating laws in Washington state have changed. If you operate a motorized vessel 15hp or above on Washington waterways you are required by law to take a boating safety course and get your Washington boat license. Be safe while you are out fishing and don't get caught without it!
Take a safe boating course and get your boat license in Washington State to increase your fishing success and safety.

Make a difference. More controversial than the Chicago Blacksox, I'm sure most of you have heard about the proposed Pebble Mine near Bristol Bay Alaska. You've also probably heard about the environmentally disasterous potential this mine poses. Either way please read up on the issue and join the fight to stop the construction of the Pebble Mine. For more info go to Sportsman's Aliiance for Alaska or Renewable Resources Coalition or Save Bristol Bay.

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