Saturday, June 4, 2011

Opening Day!

Well, it is finally here. The first official day for fishing the local moving water. However, many know that it isn't always easy, as generally we find ourselves fighting high water and snow runoff. This year is no exception. For the most part, the rivers are fairly high and off color, but that is not to say they aren't fishable. Especially if you are after some early summer steelhead, get out there and swing a fly in the high, milky, muddy water. You would be really suprised to find how well their eye sight adjusts and how much more grabby they can be. Step in up to your knees, and if you can see your feet, start fishing. As for tactics, you will be fishing winter style with sink tips and bigger flies like Fish Tacos, MOAL Leeches, Pick Yer Pockets, etc.

The Sky definately has some fish spread throughout, the Skagit is always fun as you can put a spankin' on the dollies and also fish for steelhead, and I certainly would consider giving the Snoqualmie a shot. Yes, I know, they stopped planting smolt 2 years ago, therefore there will be no Snoqualmie hatchery origin fish, but who says that fish always go up the correct river? There have been a few Skykomish fish known to poke their heads up in the Sno, particularly in the early season....

As for the Cedar, our little urban trout stream, it is running a little high at the moment but I am guessing it is pretty clean. Wading can be tricky, but the early bird usually gets the worm, the worm being large trout in this instance. Pack some sculpins, stoneflies, worms, some lead and a bobber and get to work. Just be careful wading.

As for lakes, they are fishing about par for the course. Mostly good reports from all local lakes as well as Eastside desert lakes. The saltwater is certainly worth your time, a nice misty morning with the sun coming up over the horizon and not many people around is good for the soul.

That's all I got, the summer season has officially begun. No restrictions on where you can fish and where you can't (unless you are the two guys who got ticketed for poaching at Reiter Pond yesterday with 4 dead fish on the bank). So we'll say hardly any restrictions just to be fair to those two dudes. Have at it, be safe, and as always we'll be around to help with gear, flies, and point you in the right direction. I will have the first official summer steelhead report of the season next week, stay tuned.

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