Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So we'd like to thank Ryan for all his years of service, or well his 10 months. Good luck in Colorado. Traitor (not really, though we might call the cops if he steps foot on the premises)... Really though this post is about our little Flyfishing Fest in North Bend we're calling Catchapalooza.

On Wednesday March 10th, we are hosting an event at the North Bend Theater with special guests Brian O'Keefe (you've seen his photos, they're all over anything outdoor related) and Todd Moen (a filmmaking friend with more talent in one eyelash than my whole family has) from Catch Magazine will be on hand to share some films and photos and talk to you about all the cool places they've caught fish and if you want tell you how you can do it too. Jack Mitchell of The Evening Hatch will be there as well giving a presentation on Fishing in Washington. We all stand to learn a thing or two from him on our fair state.

The event begins officially at 7pm but please come early to bs with the presenters and tell us how much you love us. And drink beer. Yes, beer will be available with a donation to Trout Unlimited. The event is technically FREE but we are trying to raise money for TU so if you are feeling generous and have a pile of cash spilling out of your pockets then by all means...

See you there. Oh yeah, and Skwalas are popping on the Yakima...

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