Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Modern Spey Lines-A Seasonal Approach

Hey you, spey dude. Having trouble deciphering all the technical mumbo jumbo regarding today's spey lines? Or even if you have a good handle on it and you just like free stuff, you need to come down the the Issy shop on Wed. Feb. 17th @ 6pm for a clinic from Sage/Rio/Tibor sales rep. George Cook. will conduct a free clinic on today's myriad of spey lines and how to find the right lines for you. We will also raffle off a couple of lines for you to put to use after the clinic. And you'll be guaranteed (not really) to catch more fish llike the one in the picture, just minus the teeth and neopreone waders. No need to sign up, just show up. If anything George Cook is always entertaining so it'll be a good time. Call Issy for more info 425-392-3800. Word. - BW

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