Friday, November 27, 2009

Klickitat River Closing

Just a reminder that the season on the Klickitat River ends November 30th. The fishing has been great up to this point on the river and as of Wednesday the water was low with 5-6 feet of visability. Plenty of steelhead and coho still cruising around and the steelies are even taking swung flies.

For swung flies a moal leech (black, black/blue, purple, or one with a hot pink cone over a black body) is your best bet. Use a deep 6, 8 or t-14 setup to bounce the fly off the bottom and induce a strike. If nymphing is your game a size 6 black or purple Egg sucking leech with a glow bug or pegged egg dropper is going to catch you fish. The most effective color of the egg is a mottled orange, although a cotton candy/light pink color will also draw the ire of the chromies and even some coho.

Get out before it closes and have fun.

Feed Fish Flies, not plastic.


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