Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Election Meltdown

Oh wait, nothing has exploded yet. Things might turn out ok... and at least with Sarah Palin not in office there still might be a chance to stop the Pebble Mine. Well the chums don't care who won the election they just want to spawn. Their thick in the Wallace right now and they have to swim up the Sky to get there so try to intercept them.

The Snoqualmie, Green and Skagit also have chummies and plenty of anglers to go around too. Bring lots of flies. Comets, marabous, glo bugs, chum candy and switch it up until you find one they want.

Also, for those that still think steelhead are a myth, get onto Washington Flyfishing and look at the recent photos. There's a 45.25" x 25" fish caught recently on the Skeena system. Yup, that mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 40lbs. That's bigger than your 8 year old. -BW

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