Friday, October 3, 2008

No More Felt Please

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I'd like to say I've been really busy but more just lazy. I have been fishing though so that's constructive at least. More news on the constructive front from Simms. Hope you brought a wading staff...-BW

Simms to Sopt Using Felt by 2010: Vibram to be the "Sole Sole" of Wading Boot Line

Simms president KC Walsh announced that Simms would stop using felt as a material for soles on on its wading boots effective with the launch of the 2010 line. Walsh made the announcement at a news conference held as the Flyfishing Retailer Expo. He said Simms' decision to do away with felt is a result of the material being implicated in the spread of aquatic nuisance species and fish-killing disease. Walsh noted that anglers have always been among the nation's first wave of conservationists, and with options to felt now on the market anglers had a responsibility to both the resource and the tradition of angling to cease their use of felt.

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